Sound Fx - Anywhere But Here (2011)

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Sound Fx - Anywhere But Here lyrics

Living better now, ... your sweater now
Ah, same houses, more to still going up
Same old hoes, never wanna give it up
Same niggers, same shit, same jobs, ain’t hiring
I’m passing by the park where I used to ball
They tore the chords down and turn it to a parking lot
There goes our fun that they took from us
Now we’re stuck at home with chores and parents who have had enough
Need to be discovered cause this ain’t the place for it
And if you’re getting money over here, you’re over 40
But see I’m young and I need my time to enjoy it
Headed to the top and not everybody is going
I’ma assess the example and show them how it’s done
You can always make it work, just don’t mind the rest
There’s a place just for me and I’m almost there
Spend too long in this one so it’s anywhere but here

Same school where horny students get curious
Same 7 11 where we get ... from
Same niggers still playing 2k
Betting money that should be going to gas tanks
I tried moving out the ... sent me back
I would have been sleeping on the floor he ... next
So I guess home is the place that I should live for now
Until that day when I can have a better look around
The city that I’m in you should be careful making friends
Everybody knows each other, it’s a smaller world than this
Turning on the ESPN and they discuss the salaries
You would think they save the world the way the pay these athletes
To most of us those are numbers we sure could use
To few of us those are numbers we get a chance to
Want a piece of the pie, yeah I need my share
They sitting at the right table, it’s anywhere but here

In search of a place to rest there
Cause the bed I have my feet hang off the edge now
In search of work is my attention
Cause right now my head don’t do too much turning
And parents just don’t understand
... can tell you all about it
His mom was at my crib, she found our late night session shocking
She say musicians all do drugs to help them solve problems
Well I dare to be different, they say we won’t get millions
They say it will never work, one raps and one doesn’t
I say fuck who ever don’t get it by now
Once we take off keep your hand out
And we’ll see which one I grab
Frustrated as hell, they can hear it in the music
Cause time is flying way too fast and those wings you are clipping
I’m trying to say I need to find out if I make it there
I’m trying to say that it is anywhere but here.