Soulsvoice - The Storm lyrics

Dead of night in the pouring rain
Lightning strikes eyes begin to strain
When off in the distance i can faitly see
A rolling storm coming over me
And so i run
Fast as i can racing through the darkness
Seeking someplace warm
Away from the cold by the light of the fire
Away from this wretched storm
Up ahead i can see the shelter
The door is open wide
Out of breath but striving on
I throw myself inside
The lights break through the darkened night
And off my window sill
It shines into my longing eyes
I can do nothing but stand still
In a world of hate in a world of fear
I can feel your fire it's drawing near
With the presence of undying love
This light shines from above
You are my light
My guidance
My shelter, my strength
You walk with me
Through the darkness, through the cold
At any length, you are my strength