Soulja Boy - Lil Dre (2010)

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Soulja Boy - Lil Dre lyrics

Soulja Boy
These days I’m feeling like the man, I got the master plan to make a trillion
My corporation known ? can you understand, Soulja Boy Tell Em’, money in my hand
The world is yours, the world is mine
The girl on the corner I see she lookin’ fine
I pass by in my drop top ?
They lookin’ at my like who’s payin’ me
I’m payin’ me cause I’m self made
Yea, I’m self paid, cuz I’m self made
I’m my own boss and it ? to be my own boss
Now I live the high life and I reppin’ and I flo’

Now put your hands up
It’s that feel good music
SOB, Highlife

Back on the track.
Man, no pad, no pen
Goin’ in, me and the win
It’s just me and the world
I’m travelin’
I’m gettin it in
SOB Game, I’m ravelin’
I swear I’m grabin’
I define the laws
Breakin’ the alls
While I’m droppin’ em drawers
Yea, People, astonished by my work
But I say, I’m put here on this earth to do work
Nice breezy
I make it look easy
I used to rock a million dollar chain
That was breezy
But I got the knowledge but I ain’t went the college
Self taught
Self made
Self ?
Self paid
Big diamond watch main
But it don’t really mean nothin’
As long as I’m happy and livin’ my life and earnin’ my stripes every damn day
Young a** breezy
I gotta get paid
7 Days of the week
Thinkin about money even when I’m asleep
When I wake up in the morning then I start my mission
Thank God for the day then I start to get it
Wake up on the track then I start to rip it
Thank to my fans for bringin’ me here
SOB, money game, every years a year
And every day is my day
DeAndre Cortez ? Way
Gettin in yo face like every damn day
Just like I said, I’m settin’ you straight
For the mut*** record I’m SOD
I don’t give a f** my click too deep
Spreadin my music through these streets
I’m go hard in a paint like flock of flame
And my drop top [car name?] switchin’ lanes
Main, everyday I try to maintain
They want yo boy to be out stressin
I can’t do that cuz I’m too cool

Still gotta run

If its gonna happen
Let it be
If he want beef then he deceased
I’m a pit-bull off the leash
Got grief
Ahh me, I meant good grief
I O.D down swag
I switched it up, ?
Too bad
I pop tags
That’s too bad
That’s too sad
If I could
I would
But I can’t so I ain’t
I break bank
It’s breezy
What you think
Imma the weightiest fish in the tank

Little Dre
Feel good music
Hi World