Soulja Boy - Get Rich (feat. Rich The Kid) (2014)

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Soulja Boy - Get Rich (feat. Rich The Kid) lyrics

Turn up
Turn up

Whipping, whipping, I'm breaking my wrist, I'm fucking your bitch
Taking a trip, flip all these bricks, get out these bricks, I'm rich
Me and Rich The Kid riding around in here, hitting licks
I'm rich but I'm still hitting licks
Still HITTING LICKS, I'm still hitting licks
Still hitting licks, I'm still hitting licks, IP on my wrist
Flex with your bitch, I'm fucking your bitch and we taking a trip
Soulja, Soulja, young Soulja, young Soulja, young Soulja and Rich The Kid
Soulja, Rich The Kid
Hollow tooth is standing there, clearly the body in ditch
Versace, Versace, Givenchy, Givenchy, they all on my dick
IP on my wrist, I know I'M THE SHIT
Cuban link that cost 30 Ds, study this shit
Give me a hollow tip if a nigger start shooting
All of my niggers that's on the block trap, trap, trap
Get rich, trap, trap, get rich
Taking a trip with no flipping, no bling
Pistol on my lap full of hollow tips
Whipping a foreign whip, wrestling Vegas, I'm running the strip
Niggers talk shit, get hit with the Kay
FUCK OUT MY WAY, King Soulja Dre
Pull up on your block and you know it's spraying
Niggers cash that up if they think I'm playing
SODMG, we playing with Jamaicans
Turn up, turn up, turn up, all we smoke is loud
Pull up to the club and I shoot up the crowd
I'm turning up, I'M NOT TURNING DOWN
I'm breaking my wrist, the police, they busting my spot
I'm jumping the fix
The bitch, they hate it, they say I won't make it
Yo, nigger, I'm finally rich
I feel that Actavis, little equality
Pull up with something, these bitches gonna bother me
More pot than a pharmacy
Coming and going, you caught many hoes
Yo, rich nigger, whole lot of cash on me
Rich chain on my neck worth four Rollies
The Audemar look like a waterfall
The trap ain't jumping no basketball
You think that bitch did them all, rich nigger got bricks in the wall
I came from the bottom, now it's Q in LA, I'm sitting at the top, nigger
You a lame ass nigger still cuffing these hoes, my bitch with her
Pull me in the kitchen, I can show you how I do it
Foreign ride, pulling over with an Uzi
My necklace is flooding Jacuzzi, living my life AS A MOVIE