Soulgrind - Seed (A Sermon In Stone) lyrics

Inside the deepest frost of silence
Lays the forlorn and majestic
Mortals are those who do not see
The ways of understanding
The stars of heaven are burning
My pain is burning more
A scream rings through the cold
Lay down the seed
Praise the sermon in stone
Forlorn and majestic
New breed of evermore
Darkest is the path down to Tuoni
Brightest is the moment
Creation with no regret
Depression given to life
Eternal blackhearted winds
Flared wisdom of reverse creation
Through this path of the strong
I wellcome the sign
Rising winds and light
When the masters are among
And chosen ones unite
No tears brake man?s spirit
Heaven's lightning does not strike
Then all once more,
...stll, reborn