Soulgrind - Hatelovechaos lyrics

Got walls dwelling through my shivering chaotic blood
Heart stoned just deluxed for lust
My mind flying elsewhere
Body stoned
When love starts to fade
Sorrow, deep
In ruins of greed
Remains the strong
Got hate in the shining sickness called love
Still black still justified
What I felt was not ment to be
Stoned means of neverending fairytales
Northern Lights are sparkiling
Snowy wastes sigh
Then all is still
The stars of heaven are burning
Embracing kissing
The rapid's foam
In the morning sun's glare
Fairytales of so called eternal
Love, life, what a wonderful way it is
Death, lust and better is to be
Fluid of death in meaning of love
Gunned through the body so dead inside
Static thrilled what a wonderful world it is