Soul Whirling Somewhere - Every Female Werewolf Ever, Listed Alphabetically By Crime lyrics

"you don't have to be so happy to see me."

And that's all that comes to mind when i think of the first time i was aware that i didn't matter to you anymore.

Then i knew that there could be no hope.

Or even courtesy.

This is where things all end up.

Your love, if it's even there, is a confusing weight i can't bear to try to figure out anymore.

When will you make up your mind and stop screwing with mine?

And there has been no resolve. or no end to my love.

Or your unbelievable ways.

You just needed some escape.

And i know you're not even there, but you're still a weight i waste my time just wishin' for.

When will i see that you're done and put to better use my time?

With girlfriends like you, who needs enemies.