Soul Position - Jerry Springer Episode lyrics

[Intro: Blueprint]
Yeah, just go with the flow. Bout to tell a story. Bout this girl I know
My boo. NawhatImsayin'? That's my shorty right there. Know that

[Chorus: x2]
She was ill
With looks that fit the bill
Lips like Mary J, eyes like Lauren Hill
Body like Big Lez
Backyard and thick legs
But the only time we got along was in the bed

[Verse One]
Yo, she had an attitude
Of monumental magnitude
Couldn't take her anywhere without the broad actin' rude
Even with your family she had no gratitude
I took her to my mom's crib she started snappin' on the food!
Goes without sayin' that my moms wasn't feelin' it
Wild out, tried to hit shorty with a skillet
I held moms back, told ole girl to leave
But moms already had a hand full of weave
Shorty crouched down so she could bob and weave
Moms dropped the skillet and rolled up her sleeves
Cornered off the kitchen with grace and ease
Hit her with a three piece and brought her to her knees
There wasn't too much that I could say
Cause I already told shorty, "Moms don't play"
I know it's kinda hard to believe
But the worst part is that this popped off on Christmas Eve
And after all the drama me and shorty been through
I can't front yo
She's still my boo
After all the drama me and shorty been through
I can't front yo
She's still my boo


[Verse Two]
Yo, she had an attitude
That made it hard to deal with
One night we was at the club on some chill shit
I had a Long Island get it nice and drink it
I spotted the next man across the bar peepin'
Thinkin', I don't mind if he scopes out my honey
Cause she wants me to buy her drinks but I'm out of money
On the reals
Seein' dude kinda made me happy
So I decided to slide and let him play the sugar daddy
"Hey boo, I'm about to slide to the bathroom
Get some more loot for you, but I'll be back soon
And I better not catch you creepin' on me neither
Or somebody might be gettin' slapped with this empty Zima"
I was perpin'
Just to see how she would act
But I'll be damned if dude wasn't in my seat when I came back
I walked up
So only she could see me
With a bottle in my hand like I was about to sneak him
Face ice grillin' and she went for the baby
Because before I could say a word she slapped him in the face
Talkin' bout, "I said I have a man. Get out of here.
I can't believe you would try to steal my man's chair."
Dude turned around like, "You're her man?!"
I'm like, "Hell no!"
So he socked her in the jaw!
Took off his jacket like he was about to house her
But before they could square off here comes the bouncers
Ten deep
Tryin' to squash the action
Meanwhile I'm in the front row steady laughin'
I ain't never seen bouncers that raw
They kicked shorties ass from the bar to the door
By the time they finally tossed her ass outside
I had already pulled round and was waitin' in the ride
She was like, "I thought you was my man, what happened to you!"
I'm like "Awe girl, I was tryin' to help but they was holdin' me back boo!"
She was like, "But how you just gonna say you ain't my man?"
"I was tryin' to confuse him but you ruined my plan."
And after the drama me and my shorty been through
I can't front yo
She's still my boo
And after the drama me and my shorty been through
I can't front yo
She's still my boo


[Verse Three]
Yo, she had an attitude
Too stuck up to eat fast food
I wanted Taco Bell
She's like "You cheap as hell."
See I wanted a chalupa but I knew she'd be frontin'
So I told her it was either Taco Bell, or nothin'
I had the upper hand cause she hadn't ate in hours
But she snatched my twenty dollars and ran up to the counter
And by the time I got inside she'd already ordered
So I played the background like I didn't even know her
Next thing I know she started yellin' bout her order
Talkin' to the girl behind the counter, screamin' on her
And when she walked around the corner to get a drink
The cashier looked at the cook and gave a wink
Awe, I knew right then and there she was about to take a loss
Cause the cook cleared his throat and gave her taco special sauce
I took her to the side and tried to tell her she got played
Then I realized, she didn't give me my change!
So I decided to be quiet
Sat back and laughed as I watched the broad bite it

"Bite it"

[Blueprint speaking]
Yeah, how's that taste? It's good? Okay cool
Yeah, Glad you like it. Take that down. Glad you like it boo