Soul Khan - Wellstone (feat. Akie Bermiss) (2012)

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Soul Khan - Wellstone (feat. Akie Bermiss) lyrics

Sha la la la la la
Live for today

[Verse 1: Soul Khan]
I wake up, put the brush to my busted teeth
Day one of these lucky luxuries
Now I wake up whenever it comforts me
Sit down on the train on a dusty seat
Head into the city where they hustle, cheat
Just to eat a more supple meat
Why pay for the cow when the tongue's for free
I'mma save the world so my first son can see
Might find the door but never touch the key
They get tricked by slick Mike Huckabee
All my old ways now seeming dumb to me
But you'd have probably done the same when you was young as me
I'm taking every shot til the buzzer beeps
And touching every base til I scuff my cleats
Been nice since I was in dungarees
So when it's all said and done, I'mma fuck and feast

[Hook: Akie Bermiss]
And we walk
And we fall
And we all
Must live for today

[Verse 2: Soul Khan]
And I used to play with them little army men
Until I really learned what an army meant
Got fans that are uniform guardians
And they all got family that longs for them
I don't wanna hear another word from Barack
Til he turns up the clock and brings them home
They're needed more here
Where the people don't fear the next moment something explodes
And we're still torturing; damn, it feels fraudulent
To lie that we more righteous than the people that we war against
The audience is partying with all the best intoxicants
As their fellow humans smell the fumes of dead and rotten flesh

And we walk
And we fall
And we all
Must live for today

[Verse 3: Soul Khan]
So I go to sleep, then open each
My eyes to find that no one seems
To care about the slowly creeping
Ocean sea that's growing deeper
Oh, you just be hating Soul
Cause they're too cold like that H2O
Where the glaciers float
Wait, wait, where'd the glaciers go?
Never mind -- your brain's too slow
Sorry if I'm not believing
What you taught to stop the heathens
And really, if there's karma
Why did they leave Gandhi bleeding?
I ain't trapped within the lines of any kind of palm you reading
This is my life, and I'mma live it like I've always dreamed it

And we walk
And we fall
And we all
Must live for today

[Outro: Senator Paul Wellstone]
My vision of a just society is that every person
Every small child should have the same chance to reach their full potential
To me, that's the American dream, that's the goodness of our country
But we have still a fairly long ways to go
For our country to really live up to that promise
If we're gonna have the kind of change in our country
That'll make the United States of America a better America
I guarantee you, it's gonna be the results of much more grassroots politics
Much more grassroots leadership development
Much more of a voice from people from the neighborhoods and the community