Soul Destruction - A New Religion lyrics

We've had two thousand years of religious hypocrisy, we've had two thousand years of brainwashing in the name of Christ... Well now is the time for A new Religion.

All you'll ever get from me is what I want to give. What kind of satisfaction is to rape myself with hate?... Bleed.

You won't listen, I can't speak to ears that cannot hear. Tormented by frustration as I break myself with pain.

Bleed from the wounds of Christ to feel the pain, to find the lies. The blind lead the blind in search of lies to fulfill their empty lives.

Come inside A New Religion.

If I gave you an inch, you'd take a mile with a smile a mile wide, open as my wallet but only half as deep creep into my conscience with your ideas intact, in fact, if I turned my back, for a second or two. You'd fuck me over for a moment of lust. What trust do I put in you? It's true, respect is contempt for what I do.