Sorry About Dresden - Perfect Posture lyrics

Such sweet sympathy, you give as you please.
You've got such important things to say on everything.
Graft true words onto your skin.
They're not your own, they've never been.
Replace yourself with the clothes you're in.
Maybe there's nothing wrong.
Rain smacks in small drops like slow beats of a clock.
The one you lie next to is the judge of what you do.
Hide your head beneath the sheets.
As all your fears, are made concrete.
Pray and hope this night retreats.
Maybe you got it wrong
Daytime failed to keep its light,
But the nighttime resurrects,
All the reasons you left house and home
Only to perfect, the way you sit and stare right though yourself.
Watch your mouth, hold your tongue
Wish your acts would come undone.
Hide beneath a smiling face,
Lessons learned without a trace,
Confess again, just in case.
Maybe you'll fade away.
One last test to take.
One less fear to fake
Until here comes your collapse.