Sore Plexus - Choco Frights lyrics

Seems like I'm trapped
On the outskirts of (the zone)
Where normal things don't happen anymore
And no matter if I go or stay
Someone surely craps right on my way

Escapism doesn't work anymore
Still I'm yearning for a fairly distant shore
If the sound of grief will finally wring my heart
Will I save my soul before it starts to parch

Chance is a dog and forever follows him
Who knows how to smell like the biggest
Piece of meat
What is this life nothing but a smooth and coloured
Trip through an ever annoying daily soap

Invulnerability, megalomania
No intensive care you're beyond recovery
Anticipation of death is worse than death itself
May this guiding principle be a friend for life
No hope and no saving

You are talking right on to me - I can't hear you
Seems I'm million miles away - although I'm near you

Your sweet embittered life
Is full of such wonderful lies
No dream will irrigate
This desert mind left in the shade
No catcher in the rye
There will be no catcher in the rye