Sore Plexus - 6 A.M. lyrics

You feel him hard on your heel
Discomfort takes up a lot
A paste of pain approaches
Grasping hard at your brain
It seems as if it's stronger
As your little, hazy will
The screams of favour die away
Into nowhere

Exhausted from this nightmare
Ice cold sweat on your cheek
Looking around is it all real
Or is it fantasy?

This damned suspense it makes you mad
It makes you feeling weird
Searching for answers is like
Watching into a deep, black hole

Don't trust in what you can see
Terrified from what is real
Obtaining your won't realize

I will change all what I've done
But don't you think it's a sick and silly wish
It's impossible to turn back the screw
For there's no way to take Influence

Awaken from this nightmare
Hot sweat on your cheek
The fear comes creeping from your
Stomach to your stinking feet