Sophie Zelmani - I Love You lyrics

I love you, I love you
Please, please get up for me
You become my sorrow
when you go to sleep
You are sleeping away from me

Tell me, just tell me
who is there with you
and can you show me
please show me
when you’re taken to
Because it’s taking the most of you
Tell me

I get up early, to face your morning
trying to inhale your day
And I’m pouring my prayers in your coffee
keeping other thoughts away
Thoughts that could take you away
Tell me

I’m waiting for my life with you
Waiting in and out for you
and in my steps there’s more I do
Steps that wonder where they’ll go
I’m waiting, I’m waiting for you
I walk by sun I walk by rain
spring and fall then home again
to tell you that summer’s here
and that I’ll die if you don’t care
I’ll die right now if you won’t meet me here
There’s only moments left of you, only moments
of me too, don’t tell me then we died of love
I’m not hearing anything about love
If I’ll be gone, If I’ll be gone you may stand