Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Off And On (2011)

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Off And On lyrics

I can’t get out
I’m trapped inside of it
I won’t let go
Pain keeps driving it
I only hope and pray
That I can make it pay
Keep pushing it
I keep pushing on

I did the best I could
I learned to sacrifice
I tried to make it work
This time away has done me good
It’s a change from you

[Chorus x2]
Keep switching me off and on and off and on and on
I put myself back together
You’ve been gone too long
The only love has gone
You thought I’d be free forever

No I can’t turn back
I’m sick and tired of it
When love broke down
I rewired it
I’m only human babe
You left the feeling fade
Keep pushing till I reach a higher ground

I tried to make it back
When every door was closed
Your love was all I had
I tried to make an honest man, oh whoa-oh, out of you, ooh ooh-ooh

Wired to the sun like a laser beam
Power surge
Come on feel the energy
And I’m ready to shine and shine and shine

[Chorus x2]

I put myself
I-I, I put myself
I-I-I, I put myself back-back together
You-You, You thought I’d be free
You-You thought I’d be free-free
You thought I’d be free-free forever

I-I-I put myself
I-I-I put myself back together
You-You thought I’d be
You-You thought I’d be
You thought I’d be free forever