Sons Of Liberty - Feeling Helpless? lyrics

Have you asked yourself
What difference can I make?
And are you feeling low?
Like you've been betrayed?
Well, I can empathize
I know just how you feel
Revolution starts within
Your spirit reflects your will
I bet you've asked yourself
Do I have the strength?
Look around to those you love
In them you put your faith
Watch out for tactics
Of division and deceit
Not until we stand as one are we truly free

You are alive and you are free
You're not alone
And without fear, you're born to lead
These are the times
Just realize the truth you seek
You're not alone
No victims here, we must be free
These are the times
Stand up! Are you helpless? Are you free?
No more of the lies and the deceit
Stand up for your nation's sovereignty
No more to corruption and deceit