Sons And Daughters - Flags lyrics

I know
You are
Another planet miles apart
Is it a question of things
You really should have cared about?

You took a drive, Countries called
More than your friends did, they watched you fall
And now you've pulled the wires right from the wall

Don't ask me how he's doing
He's doing fine

Set it straight
So there is no road left, only water
Spent your time hopelessly alone
It's no real price to pay anyway

Your first letter came,Stressing lines
Against the whitening page
Trauma type, Saturation stains

He went from riches
To rags

Oh where are my friends?
I'm a burden to their hallowed sense
When I felt my head came to an end
I made promises, promises never kept

Your head at night
So many thoughts fought for the finish line
When there's no beginning
Before you're running out of time

So hard, to ignore. on my mind from beach to trestle door
I'm thinking of you, flat out cold beneath the starboard floor