Sonny & Cher - Little Man lyrics (Chinese translation). | Little man
, When you stand by my side
, Then I know I don't have
, To hide from anyone
, And I pray...
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Sonny & Cher - Little Man (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Little man
ZH: 小男人

EN: When you stand by my side
ZH: 当你站在我身边

EN: Then I know I don't have
ZH: 然后,我知道我没有

EN: To hide from anyone
ZH: 若要隐藏从任何人

EN: And I pray that
ZH: 我祈祷,

EN: We'll stay just that way
ZH: 我们将保持这种刚

EN: Till the day comes along
ZH: 直到一天来临

EN: When we catch the sun
ZH: 当我们捕捉太阳

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: Little girl you're runnin'
ZH: 您正在逃跑了的小女孩

EN: Come catch my hand I'm near you
ZH: 来抓我的手,我靠近你

EN: Little girl you're singin'
ZH: 你说的小女孩

EN: Come closer to me I hear you
ZH: 更接近于我听说你

EN: You're growin' old
ZH: 您正在盛开在三叶草老

EN: My mother's cold
ZH: 我母亲的冷

EN: Now you've learned
ZH: 现在,您已经了解

EN: What it meant to be mature
ZH: 这意味着要成熟

EN: There's no such place
ZH: 没有这样的地方

EN: As make believe
ZH: 让相信

EN: But when I look at your face
ZH: 但当我看着你的脸

EN: I'm not so sure
ZH: 我不太确定

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: You and me is what I see
ZH: 我和你是我所见

EN: And that's the way
ZH: 这就是方式

EN: It's gonna stay
ZH: 它是会留下来

EN: And it will always be
ZH: 它将始终

EN: So little man, please understand
ZH: 这么少的人,请理解

EN: In this world with all its land
ZH: 在这个世界有其所有的土地

EN: You're all I see
ZH: 你是我看到的全

EN: [Chorus x2]
ZH: [合唱 x 2]