Sonny And The Sunsets - Green Blood lyrics

"Well, something happened..."
"What's that, Sonny?"
"I fell in love"
"Oh yeah?"
"But it was weird... Really weird"
"Good weird, or bad weird?"
"I don't know, I guess I really... just don't know"

It was a brief encounter
On another planet
A strange being, standing all alone
"Wanna fix my ship? Would you like to hit The Void?"
"Oh is this your ship, this little space toy?"
"Oh a space elated(?) humor, my favorite kind!"
But when I look closer, she's sad inside

Oh my android, she sheds little tears, she's weird
I think I love you, too

"Well I don't have to tell you just how great she was"
"No... you don't"
"She was amazing! So intelligent, so beautiful"--
"Fun, all those things. But she was married, to some cyborg type"
(Cyborg says some weird stuff.)

I tried to steal her away
And we were on the run
And cyborg ??? followed with his gun
And shot her, and shot her, she ??? green blood
I cried "Oh, can't I have a normal love?"

"What happened?"
"She lived... And I really tried, you know...
I tried to make a life.
But we were so different,
such different types.
We had to break it off,
but I still miss her."
"Did she go back to her husband?"
"I don't know what happened to her,
I don't even know.
But I miss her, you know?
I really miss her...
I really do!"

My antennas, wen't deep into the afterworld
Light was bright,
Star gleams,
Comet trails