Sonic Youth - Starfield Road lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Thurston]
, The turbo goes to rocket put yr kiss in my hand
, Sensate yr belly down
, Bend down...
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Sonic Youth - Starfield Road (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Thurston]
ZH: [瑟斯顿]

EN: The turbo goes to rocket put yr kiss in my hand
ZH: 涡轮去火箭把 yr 吻放在我的手

EN: Sensate yr belly down
ZH: 桥段 yr 腹部向下

EN: Bend down round this garbage can
ZH: 弯下腰圆这个垃圾桶

EN: Pow pound down dirty starfield road
ZH: 脏飞越星空路上 Pow 磅

EN: A hot ham slap it muscle skin jam load
ZH: 热火腿打它肌肉皮肤果酱负载

EN: Blam bam adds explosion to the lamb
ZH: 布拉姆巴姆添加爆炸与羔羊

EN: Jesus is screaming yr name
ZH: 耶稣尖叫 yr 名称

EN: Violent loving yeah
ZH: 暴力的爱是

EN: Kissing golden, we're going insane
ZH: 接吻金,我们要疯了

EN: But where is the shame?
ZH: 但哪里是耻辱吗?

EN: When the star pet is to blame
ZH: 当明星宠物是罪魁祸首

EN: Aah you butt cheeks can't stay
ZH: 啊你屁股的脸颊不能留

EN: As I spleen my name in flame
ZH: 作为我脾我在火焰中的名字