Sonic Youth - Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope lyrics

Hi, boys and girls
This is your old friend, Sonic Youth
And you know what?
We just got back from the North Pole
And you know what we were doing up there, don't you?
That's right, we saw him alright
And all his little dwarves
Boy, did we get off on them
And we learned some wonderful things about him
And we'd like to sing you all a little song
So why dontcha, you know, move on up
And come up close, and we'll sing to you
Come on, closer, closer, bome on, I won't bite
Come on, right down by my shoes
Come on, move closer, that's it, great
Okay, huddle all around, and we'll sing you a song
Alright, you too Johnny, come on, closer

All year long, he's busy making toys
For all the little girls and little boys
He puts them in his sled and gives his whip a crack
On Donder, on Blitzen, but never on smack
'Cause Santa doesn't cop out on dope
Has he ever even tried it? Well, y'know
The answer's no
So little kiddies, here's my point
Just leave him cookies, and save your joint
'Cause Santa Claus turns on it his own way
Watching you and I turn on on Christmas day
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, David Geffen

Merry Christmas, everybody