Son Of Son - 49 Reasons To Keep Yourself Alive lyrics

I lie myself to sleep tonight.
My truth is waht I make it.
(Can you make this real?)
Can you make it seem that way?
This is my innocence escaping into the night
Happiness elusive and so daunting.
I push away and I am still left wanting.
Tears are streaming down. Falling hard hit the ground.
Dont know that I'm fallen. I'm numb.

This feeling crawling. My heart is falling.
I'm standing next to grace. But it falls away.

I laugh aloud to fuel my pride. Dont make a sound I'll burn myself alive.

My mouth slips underneath the waves
By choice i am dying here again
(can you help me live?)
Cam you make me fel that way
I'll be so lonely when I'm smothering myself
Can't understand but its written out for me.
I wanna feel but i still am feeling nothing
Tears are streaming down I fall and hit the ground so numb.

I laugh aloud to fuel my pride. Don't make a sound I'll burn myself alive
We heard them kill themselves with the door unlocked Did you ever make a move
My lines are drawn my world is gone withmy ambitions i feel so numb
It's mot so safe to be alone. I'm screaming in your ear
I'm stripped of life and death at once.