Son Of Noise - Hypocrisy lyrics

And so, come on!
I never ask him anything for me
And he ever doesn't give a fuck of me
He's so great! yeah! Keep on fucking hey!
All his whims are answered and no one cares about me
Now I'm alone and I got no one to hate
Shall I use my hate on you?
Now I'm alone and I got no one to help
Shall I use my help on you?
And so, come on!
Let's meet him now
I have to give him
A chance to let him
Show me that he
Cares about me
I have to illude him
That he's the nice one
I helped him when he needed I gave him what he wanted
I need a chance to be I need a chance to see
Something new is coming and no one has told it to me
It never comes on! it never comes on!
It loops inside my head
It's a noise that make me sad
I don't care, just stop to share
This fucking lonelyness
The truth is that
No one cares about us
We're the wretched
The smart ones.