Somewhat Average - Moonmen lyrics

When I'm all alone
Sitting in my room
I just can't think of
Anything that I would like to do

I pick up my axe
Start jamming out a tune
I start to throw in words
Start singing about the moon

The Moonmen are coming here
They say they come in peace
They come to the earth
They wanna talk to the leaders
Of our societies
To talk about the world
And sign a treaty

They beam down in silver ships
They say they don't want war
Then they come into our town
Start knocking down our doors

We say that if they don't leave
There's gonna be a fight
It will last until they leave
Until we banish fright


We will not leave our planet
We will come out on top
We will banish every Moonman
Have their society pop

I went into the war
I fought until the end
I was captured by a Moonman
And then... BANG

I woke up in my bed
Sweat pouring down my face
I'd only been dreaming
Not saving our race

Another dream gone by
I fought until the end
I guess that in a way
I conquered the Moonmen