Some Girls - Beautiful Rune lyrics

As sun and dove devr bat and moon-
If we stay on this road we'll find religion soon
I plant the seeds that flower in veins-
And destine down blacklit bathroom drains
Of sacraments and ends-
Dead in a ditch, death is the friend buried
beneath drugged skin
My stand became a lean verse cigarette machine-
Could cocaine candy console crippled children cavitied?
The tears of flesh death burns-
Now a mis-centered mantelpiece in a
porcelain urn
But what words will witches sing-
While warlocks pluck away all day at their
broken heartstring
I took some gun from some sick hand
Said "Count to ten"
Oh, "On, Two, Three..."
"Fuck it, I don't care."
And all of us widowed wives
Discussing Dimensions in dream homes we hide
And it's not fair
These afairs are all I had, it's sad I had to lie
Forget it
I get it
I guess it's true- I'd make a boring bride