Sol - Sometime In April (2013)

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Sol - Sometime In April lyrics

Yeah, the game ain't changed for shit
I do the two steps ahead, premeditation dance
Instead of burning out, I took the alternative rout
That shit you're talking about, start concerning me now
I'm on another high, the Danny Glover high
Deadly for weapon, don't mess with the music
Love it how I got a lot more to lose than you
And still I left
Got a lot more music to make, and so I'm back!
But I'm never in the physical form
Catch me on a plane for me is ...
Party with a queen, ain't Sheba, but I'm on
Call me king Solomon on the beat of the drum
Seattle sun; that means I'm Gandhi with the vision
I'm laying in the rain, Bob Marley when I chief, what's up?

I feel the party on the beat, what's up?
I got a bottle so just bring your cup
Ha, I see you talking to my girl
I'm all around the world while you're caught up in your scene
Steady sipping on your Cooley
Smash your piggy bank while you're yelling 2Chaniz
Learn that rapping isn't everything
Matter of fact, look through my glasses and you'll see the same
Five months go, five months more
I've been around the globe and I've got more to go
You count the thugs, all these Obama hoes
K town hipsters, yea, I love them all!
You'll never find another soul
I'll be back in April, let somebody know!