Sodastream - The Women's Revue lyrics

Saw your picture frame
It's getting dim
I guess it's all i had to show

Are you cold again
Or full of song
I guess it's all i'd ever known

If i decide to come
I had tried to grow
To find my place
And call to settle in
I would settle in
Though my mansions may be cold
I would settle in
The hostile glow

Do you need guidance in the walls
Can't dye or soil my hands
Can i save myself from this
And i never knew what god meant
No i never knew it's sense
I tried a loaded gun beside by bed tonight
I tried looking up the dresses that were giving off the light
So i might find my way home
Find my way home

My daylight, my only daylight
I had a line of small women by my left side
Through daisy chains i'd seen them all
Through countless waves i saw you fall

My daylight, my only daylight
I had four friendly horses by my west side
Through an empty haze i saw you born
And through countless days i saw you mourn