Socratic - May I Bum A Smoke lyrics

What happened to the good time music?
I don't wanna sing about dark things.
Wanna see what the sunshine could bring.
I don't wanna love.
I wanna have a fling.
Hey! Maybe I can be a presidente.
Spread love around the country,
You can get sick of shit
But shit will never get sick of you.
I'll smoke as long as my birthdays pass.
As long as my paychecks last.
As long as I can't relax.
I'm so far between.
I can buy you flowers
And I can make you scream.
I can be nice. Yes, I can be mean.
I can do you dirty and I can do you clean.
I spoiled you with the sunshine.
How you never really got to see the rain.
How you still complain.
Maybe you should smoke a joint to your brain.
I don't wear nice shoes or treat people like glass
I break all of them by blowing sunshine in their ass