Sock Full Of Pennyz - Bittersweet Lullaby lyrics

It's just so crazy, I can't believe
A word I'm saying, a thought I'm thinking,
I don't understand what this could mean.
This funny feeling, that I've been feeling,
That little lump down in my tummy,
I just know you mean everything to me.

You're just so far away from me

I know you know how, I feel about ya,
You're just as perfect, as perfect can be.
But it makes me cry to sing this song.
It'd be so easy, if things were different,
If God would lift this beautiful curse from me.
But for now please girl just sing along.

Don't know what to do. Don't know what to say
All I know is that I'm getting closer every day
But reality kills this revelry
And I know that things are gonna have to be this way today