Society's Finest - A Cold Winter's Mourning lyrics

I feel the hands from hell grasping my last breath
My ears bloody from the eruption that I've heard
And my knees are bruised
My hands are broke
I've tried too hard to escape your dependency
Your controlling threats
You've put me in my own noose
And as I hang there coughing up my own blood
I see the light at the end of the tunnel
Fading like the light
Sin in your eyes
And your one sided attempts gain the approval of fallen angels your monster dug
My grave so deep so cold
My birth killed our trust
I begin to weaken but I'll never give up
I'll never forget my lover or the ways your words run cold up and down my spine
My heart breaks into the pieces that cut you
And the warm blood rises into the cold winters mourning
Show him your wounds
He sees the blood smells the death
Your smile is terrifying
So dark as the sky
Rings with anger
Why do you ignore the convictions I sit
Because of the selfishness?
He knows your games
He knows they consume
Suffocating your breath
Weighing down your heart
Frightened by your own actions
By your thoughts and ideas
Kill this friendship
You have this sickness overpowers you