Socialized Crucifixion - Governments lyrics

Bush,Bin Laden,Saddam Hussein there's no fucken difference they're all the same. They all want the world to bow down at their feet, Their propaganda preaches that they cant be beat
Where is the freedom after thousands have lost their lives? All i see is tears in the peoples' eyes!
There is no point to disintegrate your body
Killing for religion does not help your party
And why the hell would you gas your own
Kind? Chemical warfare is a fucking waste
Of time
Where is our freedom? That's is what i want to know.
All these fucking governments really fucken blow: Democracy, Communism, Fascism. All they do is oppress and wage war, if you don't agree with them, The cops bust through your door then they'll place you on the list of those who don exist when voting day comes
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