So Close To Forgiveness - Aurora lyrics

I'm trying to remember the day* the sun never came. The night the moon was our savior. The stars seemed to rain. Down upon us, like we where nothing*I'll never forget that stare.. When your eyes where rolling*. I had no purpose(My love was worthless). We crowded over a fire that was the only shining beacon of hope the sky ever had.
*The embers scattered around the flame like fireflies. The aura of the fire hugged us with its warmth. You help my hand and said "This is our last night, lets forget who we are, and remember what we can be." And as the maelstrom of your words closed on me, the warmth that I felt was not that of the fire. For only you have the power to diminish the bluest flame.* BLUEST FLAME!
So why don't you burn away, my hopes, my dreams? Cant we just be a part of each other? And while, you take the night away from me, I will never forget the day the sun was the antagonist.