Snow Tha Product - Snooze [Woke] (2016)

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Snow Tha Product - Snooze [Woke] lyrics

I hit the snooze at least five times
Alarm set to like 9 times
And every time my iPhone alarm go off my heart stops
I check the watch and check the clock
Goddamn time flies
Check twitter and Instagram time lines
A bunch of happy hashstags like #grindtime
Rise and shine, advise how I should be so happy I subscribe to my life, literally living in a white lie
Yippee yippee yippee I should be so happy I'm, in 2016 and not living in the past where I?
A brown person would be called colored but then I brought up conversations about race because the world is black and white

But that happened like literally yesterday
Race lately on some gang shit like, "What's that you claim?"
Don't hesitate to be so meek and flacka? when I speak 'bout raza but then Mexicans the first ones fuckin' hecklin' me
So everybody should have mixed babies
Black, white, brown, Asian, let's get Race-y
Mix it up a little in the name of future blurred colored lines to define people by what's inside everybody's skin's praline

And bi-racial, bi-partisan, bi-sexuals
Don't buy lies, buy organic vegetables
Buy them from a mexi tho, in a truck from Mexico
Americas obsessed with making everything so big except the clothes

Over sexualized mass media
Over exposed so bright you can't see enough

So no details, just females, being the shells of beings no substance so emotionally these teens are fucked

And that's why everyone is like fuck it all, life's a bitch
My brain need adderall, my heart don't quit
If I don't take it, I'm not in all?, and boredom hits
My ADD is to blame for all, the childish shit
We're all walking contradictions, we're all attention deficit
But need all the attention that any 1 percent can get
We suffer from depression and then we try to lesson it by making all these Benjamins, and Jacksons, even Jeffersons
I swear that I'm even stuck in a cycle that's indefinite
I figured it all out like five years ago and ever since I bitched about it every single morning in my bed and shit and then my mother fucking 5 minutes snooze time ends again