Snoop Dogg - WFTV Millionaire (2014)

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Snoop Dogg - WFTV Millionaire lyrics

We all know what we're all here for
And what's that? Prosperity
Right on. And what's the key to prosperity?
Money. Money. Right
And that's why we're here tonight
To make money

Money, money, money
Yes, y'all, money, money, money
Meal ticket. One meal, ya dig?

Uh, one million subscribers
Who can do it liver than me?
Big boss Dogg, Mr. MacGyver
Put your seatbelts on, I'm the driver
To take you out in nor, neither or neither
Spit slick shit, wet saliva
Dubs to the nubs, yep, I'm a ridah
And for the dead, I'm a reviver
Fast-forward just to rewind ya
Oh, you must of forgot, must I remind ya?
Plush, gold rush, like a four-niner
CD, cut set, a viner
Break ya neck back, back to your spine, uh
This is not a test, it's the final
Just the exam, so that I know
Who's down with the B-I-double G
Big "S" on they chest
And, yes, he the best
Kush, no cess, bush, new set
Lime's loaded, beats exploded
Shit's so funky, it's corroded
I brought it, Broadus wrote it
Quote it, devote it
Put it in a note, still reads: "Don't"
Doctor's orders
Middle fingers up cause we don't give a fuck
One million down and we still on the come-up
West Fest TV, and every Tuesday
All of y'all can see me
Underground heat, too hot
Shit what we do, this is a preview
I will GGN you, shall I continue the menu?
It's all green, welcome to the home team
No hooks, straight jabs
And Todd says, "Hey, dude, Saul back"
Nevermind, clever mind
I reinvented myself seven times
Goin' on eight, wait, motherfucker
Open the gate and let the dogs out
Smokin' KK in the doghouse
Lights out, go to bed
And this shit was straight off the motherfuckin' head
I'm a gladiator, Hercules
Blowin' with the purple leaves
Blue violets and daffodils
Real pimp, bitch, with the mack appeal
Signin' off, I'm through with it
Really ain't nothin' else to do with it
I want to thank y'all from the bottoms up
Smoke some, and put your bottles up
West Fest TV, yeah
Ha ha, big Snoop Dogg and we out this bitch