Snoop Dogg - Got Beef (feat. Eastsidaz) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Snoop Dogg]
, Yeah, yeah,
, It's another one of those...
, Snoop D-O-Double G, L.T. Hutton thangs
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Snoop Dogg - Got Beef (feat. Eastsidaz) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Snoop Dogg]
ZH: [Snoop] Dogg

EN: Yeah, yeah,
ZH: 是啊,是的

EN: It's another one of those...
ZH: 这是另一个的那些...

EN: Snoop D-O-Double G, L.T. Hutton thangs
ZH: Snoop D-O-双 G、 哈顿约翰说话

EN: Yeah, we all off up in the hills right about now
ZH: 是啊,我们都关闭了左右现在山

EN: It's about two in the morning!
ZH: 它是关于两个早晨 !

EN: I got big C-Style on the grill
ZH: 我在烤架上了大 C 样式

EN: EASTSIDE!!! Keepin' it way real
ZH: EASTSIDE !!!会白头到老它真正方式

EN: Dogg Dogg, LBC
ZH: Dogg Dogg、 LBC

EN: Chorus: Snoop Dogg (repeat 4X)
ZH: 合唱: Snoop Dogg (重复 4 X)

EN: If you got beef, with DPG,
ZH: 如果你有了二磷酸甘油酸,牛肉

EN: Then holla at me, the D-O-G
ZH: 然后我 D O G 的绝情

EN: Bridge: Charlie Wilson, Snoop
ZH: 桥: 查理 · 威尔逊 Snoop

EN: [C. W.] Any problems any problems you can holla at my dogg....
ZH: [C.W.]任何问题,您可以在我 dogg 绝情的任何问题 … …。

EN: [S. D.] Holla, holla
ZH: [S.D.]绝情绝情

EN: [C. W.] Holla at my dogg, you could holla at my dogg, ohhhhh
ZH: [C.W.]我的狗狗在半空,你能不能在我的狗狗,那样有真实感的绝情

EN: Any problems any problems you could holla at my dogg,
ZH: 任何问题任何问题,您可以在我的狗狗,绝情

EN: Holla at my dogg, holla at my dogg, heeeeey heeeeeeey
ZH: 我的狗狗,我的狗狗 heeeeey heeeeeeey 真的真的

EN: Chorus 1/2
ZH: 合唱 1/2

EN: [Jayo Felony]
ZH: [重罪简介]

EN: The life I lead
ZH: 我的生活

EN: The average nigga would have broke down a long time ago
ZH: 平均的爱很久以前会有破裂

EN: Try to bang in a show and get slumped like The Crow
ZH: 尝试在放映中邦和得到像乌鸦下滑

EN: Anyday now, we gonna run at my nigga them killas is Nathal
ZH: Anyday 现在,我们会在运行著你他们 killas 是 Nathal

EN: We see it all like night owls and we stay on the prowl
ZH: 我们看到这一切像夜间猫头鹰和我们保持徘徊

EN: They don't wanna see me shine again
ZH: 他们不想看到我再次闪耀

EN: They fuckin' with my mind again
ZH: 他们再次他妈的用我的心

EN: But as soon as I finish this Heineken
ZH: 但当我完成此喜力

EN: I gotta go get my nine again
ZH: 我必须走了再拿我九

EN: (It got a body on it from a party don't it?)
ZH: (它有一具上它从一方不要它呢?)

EN: Yeah I been tryin' to slang it, but don't nobody want it
ZH: 是啊我一直试着俚语,但没有人不希望它

EN: They can't help you with band-aids, we comin' with grenades,
ZH: 他们不能帮助您与创口贴,我们赶紧用手榴弹,

EN: You ain't seen this many niggas in your life with diamonds and braids
ZH: 你在你的生活与钻石和辫子从未见过这么多的兄弟

EN: I'm from the home where they get sprayed and gang related raids
ZH: 我是从家里他们可以得到喷涂和帮派相关的突袭

EN: Fuck y'all, that start bangin' after "Colors" was made
ZH: 我靠你们,启动 bangin' 后"颜色"

EN: Let's C-walk to that, and never give me no hassle
ZH: 让我们 C 走在这,从来没有给我任何麻烦

EN: cause I come from one of the worst cottage in Paso
ZH: 我来自帕索在最糟糕的山寨之一的原因

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: [Tray Deee]
ZH: [托盘 Deee]

EN: It ain't no mystery you dissin' me you dissin' my clique
ZH: 这一点也不神秘你 dissin' 我你 dissin' 我集团

EN: And ain't no question we come steppin' straight to get in your shit
ZH: 不是没有问题,我们来直去你 steppin'

EN: So why you actin' like a bitch? Puttin' your business on wax
ZH: 那么,为什么你却装作婊子吗?给我你的业务在蜡上

EN: When we could scrap or slap a clip, if you wanted to crack
ZH: 当我们可能报废或剪贴画,一巴掌,如果你想要破解

EN: See in the pen we got a name for niggas runnin' they yap
ZH: 请参阅中我们得到一个名称的梦逃跑他们 yap 的笔

EN: Sale soldiers, roll 'em up with somethin' up in they back
ZH: 出售的士兵,卷起扑克有点儿什么在他们回来

EN: Handles ours, battle scars, Shackles, guards and all
ZH: 我们,战争的创伤,桎梏、 警卫和处理

EN: And we the last niggas standin' once they start to fall
ZH: 我们是最后的爱城墙一旦开始下降

EN: Make the call, or fuck it, just kick off the brawl
ZH: 进行该调用,或妈的只是序幕争吵

EN: Cuz I'm ridin' with my doggs, win, lose, or draw
ZH: 因为我是用我的 doggs 狐朋狗友赢、 丢失,或绘制

EN: Dogg pound insane, neighborhood twenty gangin' it
ZH: Dogg 磅疯狂,邻里二十 gangin' 它

EN: And every gangsta that I hang with down to bang
ZH: 和每个黑帮一起挂到爆炸

EN: Full time pull mines and I gots to bust
ZH: 全时间拉地雷,并揭开最灰暗的破灭

EN: Fuck a pass, when I mash, anybody get touched
ZH: 他妈的通行证,当我沼气,有人画感动

EN: So make my name taste just like a dick in your mouth
ZH: 所以你的嘴里使我的名称口味就像迪克

EN: And watch the way you on my nuts when you spittin' it out
ZH: 观看方式和你对我的坚果当你往它出

EN: Dogghouse
ZH: Dogghouse

EN: Repeat Bridge
ZH: 重复桥

EN: Chorus 1/4X
ZH: 合唱 1/4 X

EN: [Sylk E. Fine]
ZH: [Sylk E.精细]

EN: You got a muthafuckin' problem with my niggas then you got one with me
ZH: 你的伤悲 ' 问题与我的爱就会有一个与我

EN: It's the S to the Y, the L, just drop three keys
ZH: 它是为 Y,L,只是放三键 S

EN: As I flee, to the homie L.T.'s, to make the magic
ZH: 如逃离,以使神奇的兄弟约翰,

EN: It's those that talk, and those that make shit happen
ZH: 它就那些说话,而是使大便发生

EN: So what'cha say? You wanna spit? You got beef?
ZH: What'cha 是这样说的吗?你想吐痰吗?你有牛肉吗?

EN: D.P serve the heat, straight to the street
ZH: D.P 服务热,直街

EN: Honey west, I make the mission complete
ZH: 蜜西,我使特派团完成

EN: Therefore them bitches who talk that shit
ZH: 因此他们说的屁话的母犬

EN: Be them bitches that's gettin' they ass beat
ZH: 他们是暖好他们的屁股的母犬被打败

EN: [Snoop Dogg]
ZH: [Snoop] Dogg

EN: Now don't come round here fuckin' with us
ZH: 现在不要过来和我们一起在这里他妈的说的

EN: Cuz on the real homeboy, we'll be fuckin' you up
ZH: 真正的痞子的因为,我们就会被老天你

EN: And to you bitches who be thinking y'all could slide by
ZH: 你母犬,谁会想你们可以滑动的

EN: With that punk shit, BITCH, biddity bye bye
ZH: 与该朋克狗屎,婊子,biddity 拜拜

EN: I fuck a bitch up faster than I do a nigga
ZH: 我操婊子更快,比我更爱

EN: See to me, most bitches is women but bitch you'z a nigga
ZH: 对我来说,看到大多数母犬是婊子 you'z 著但妇女

EN: We got rules and codes, G's and hoes
ZH: 我们有规则和守则、 G 的和锄头

EN: Friends and foes, ride or get rode on
ZH: 朋友和敌人,骑马或骑上车

EN: Chorus 1/4x)
ZH: 唱响 x 1/4)

EN: [Snoop Dogg]
ZH: [Snoop] Dogg

EN: Nigga, nigga, bitch
ZH: 爱,爱、 婊子