Snoop Dogg - Call Him (feat. Fred Hammond) (2018)

Snoop Dogg - Call Him (feat. Fred Hammond) (2018)
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Snoop Dogg - Call Him (feat. Fred Hammond) lyrics
Excuse me Excuse me real quick, thank you Hello, hello Yes, yes Hey um, how ya doin' mam? I, I'm sorry I, I don't have it now But I was prayin' that maybe [Fred Hammond] Wait a minute yeah I got caught up in some mess Thought I knew what I was doin' Got my friends and family stressin' Don't know how to keep this train movin' Rent man want his money, light bill is due And I don't know nobody I can run to So now I'm callin' on Jesus And I know he'll bring me through Woah yeah, now I'm right down on my knees Tryna figure out how, you brought me through many (.....) That I'm callin' on ya now Jesus, Jesus Cause I know where my health comes from So I gotta call ya with the songs in my life (.....) go by in the middle of the night Somebody call him Jesus, Jesus Somebody sing it Just like you mean it Call him like you need him Call him like you know him Somebody sing it Call him when my times get hard, call him when my days get rough Lookin' for my blessin' get him down in my heart Givin' me a brand new start, every time I call him I don't really know about you, but I know what I've been through Every time I call him ain't no tellin' what God can do He did it for me, he'll do it for you It ain't a problem, call on Jesus right away He will hear you when you pray And he'll brighten up your day Woah yeah, callin' him right now Cause I love, I love, I love to call him I love to call him How sweet the name, how sweet the name I call him when I need him, call him cause I love him I love the name, Jesus I dare somebody to call him Sing it, Jesus It's alright to call him, come out and call him Somebody call him, just like you need, just like you want him Somebody sing it [Snoop Dogg] Jesus, when I'm down and out Jesus, turn my life around Jesus, make me scream and shout Jesus, put my feet on solid ground Jesus, I know you care for me Jesus, you're always there for me Jesus, gave me victory Jesus, yes, he'll set you free Jesus, Lord I testify Jesus, you've been good to me Jesus, always there for me Jesus, yes, I know you care for me Jesus, I was lost but now I'm found Jesus, cause you turned my life around Jesus, and I love you more today than I did yesterday [Fred Hammond] Call him when my days are rough Call him when my times are hard I'm lookin' through, glisten, I'm lookin' through my, glisten Call on him in the midnight When the stars are too tight When your paper is funny Somebody call him To watch over yo' family, to bless yo' kids Somebody say Jesus, somebody say Jesus Say Jesus, say Jesus Sing it, hit 'em wit' it Call him when my times get bad When I'm feelin' low and sad He will come and lift me up He will come and fill my cup The name down is above, every name Just call on him, and he will answer I said, he will answer Somebody know, what I'm talkin' 'bout Just put yo' hands together one time Jesus, somebody call him Somebody sing it