Sniper Twins - Chocolate Shoppe (feat. Rob Brent Brent Collier) (2010)

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Sniper Twins - Chocolate Shoppe (feat. Rob Brent Brent Collier) lyrics

Yeah we kick through the double doors
Oh here we go
Sniper twins and the execs on the factory floor
And we bout to get into a sticky situation
As we dip on through
Into the dippin station
When I take my fist
And hit the button like this
Make a thousand little kisses
Like lickedy split
Make the chocolate so smooth
You can look at your reflection
And we aint breaking the rules
We in the wrapping section
Automatic lights
And automatic doors
See the cocoa ride
With the beat and how it flow
Yeah we slide through
Them plastic drapes
Like them little kisses glide
Into them massive grates
Chocolate with the foil with the tassel on top
And you know where you can find me at the chocolate shop
Stack the bars high, cook the cocoa, and make it hot
cuz you know where we be at the chocolate shop

When they gonna make some chocolate gum?
Ever since I was a kid I wanted some
I tried to cook it up just for fun
blew up my kitchen so I had to run

I'm DMV on a delicious kick
with these one of a kind kisses tips
poking at my tongue bit by bit
making me lick my lips like L.L
Dip it in slow
Make a chocolate mold
Wrap it up in foil
Everybody hit the floor
Bump it up and down
Make your back pop
Then we flip the lever
And do the chocolate drop
We riding and rolling
Chocolate shop patrolling
Sniper twins in chocolate choppers
Spinning through the mist of cocoa butter
Call up your friends
We hit the spot
We out in Hershey's PA
Up in the chocolate shop

Cruisin right past security, them chocolate cops
With some bins on the low full of chocolate rocks
On the roll we patrol cruising factory blocks
And when pit stop we do the chocolate drop
Making sure we keep the family secrets on lock
Keep your eyes out we on a chocolate watch
Yeah we creeping with the team and the chocolate boss
Its all good, we do the chocolate drop

Lemme ask you:
Hey ladies are you ready?
We about to get a little messy
We getting chocolatey
Get that chocolate camouflage all over your body

This factory here's gonna keep on chocolate grindin
ahead of schedule keep the foil shinin
pass it down make sure it's spic and span
Rob C call me the head chocolate inspector man

Snatch up the foil it's time to wrap these twins up
it's chocolate history that we about to conduct
suit em up, make sure they foil fly
get ready for the shock they about to liquify

Get to the low low spot that they keep on lock
Where we get foiled up and do the chocolate shock
Yeah it’s been a little bit but we back on top
Another sniper twins hit we call the chocolate shop