Snider Todd - Stuck On The Corner lyrics

You know that goddamn kiss-ass Handelmann
Vice president of human resources or somethin'
He stood up and made a speech about how we would
All have to work even harder now
I thought harder, now, harder than what?
I would give anything to get up and walk but of here but I'm

Stuck on the corner of Sanity and Madness
I'm lookin them over, I can't see a difference
Makin money out of paper, makin paper out of trees
We're makin so much money we can hardly breathe

You oughta hear the shit that I get from my daughter
She says that she can't stand the sight of the car I bought her
I'd be moonlightin forever to buy a ragtop
Her and her mother spend my money pretty much non-stop
They're trying to break me for the sake of the neighborhood
They want to make everyone up and down the street
To think that we're doing good, but I'm


I didn't even want to study economics
My parents made me cause they said it would be practical
I can't make my kids do a goddamn thing I tell them to
My kid's an unrepentant radical
He is as unimpressed by the glass in my cubicle
As I am secretly impressed by his ability
To look at everything so completely irresponsibly


You know I had to throw a little back at Mr. Handelmann
Drove home from work as mad as I've ever been an' then
I moved the kid out of the driveway, you know he didn't
He left me everything, I said, what would you know
You're lookin at the man about to buy a kid a ragtop
I said What are you driving? a popsickle you little punk!
And now I'm