Smosh - Christmas With Billy lyrics

Hey everybody!
Don't you love Christmas?
I know I do!

Hey everybody
Hanging out just for this Christmas time
Hanging out for Christmas
Oh Yeah!

I love my Grandma!
She is very awesome

No, Get out o-
Oh No, Grandma!

Grandma just got hit by a reindeer
Oh no...
She appears to be in a coma.

Won't you wake up, Grandma?

Grandma won't be here for Christmas
And I don't know when she's gonna be back
She has a huge laceration on her face

I still love Christmas though because
I don't get any crap.
I get a bunch of expensive presents.
So, F**k off Grandma.

All she gets me is socks.
So, I don't really care about her.
She smells funny too.

And I love Christmas because
I put rocks in snowballs
And kill people with them

Bye everybody!
And Merry Christmas!
Grandma I hope you come out of the coma sometime.

I Love boobs.