Smokey Robotic - Gandhi (2013)

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Smokey Robotic - Gandhi lyrics

OH, my Gandhi!
My Gandhi
OH, my Gandhi!
My Gandhi, OH!

new york city kid dreaming under palm trees
all about the love, brunettes, reds and blondies,
I'm gandhi

I could a win a war with my love
fuck money fuck guns fuck cars fuck drugs
fuck what you pour in your cup
get higher off your heart
and the art gets higher, light up the dark
parchment on fire write with a spark
stage gon' blaze on embers I walk
lava my slang volcanoes I talk
pour some water on me
I'm out my motherfucking, daughterfucking mind
I fuck around the clock like i'm father fucking time
i'm on my gandhi, wake up no zombie
make her go banana like monkeys in palm trees
I'm night life wiping on the moonscreen
club is my garden out the bass boom bloom dreams
I do things, my dudes do things
we don't wait for the wind baby we move wings
bumping at the party the drums affect my body
I'm showing love like gandhi drunk as paul mccartney

Mobilize Moblize
Vege-tearin' you up
Gotta put meat on those thighs
Now I'm feeling kinda reckless
Resurrect my love alive
Love Alive Love Alive
Class warfare undeclared
If you chain me like an animal and play me unfair, I'm there
Yeah, baby baby I'm there