Smoke DZA - Green House (2010)

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Smoke DZA - Green House lyrics

Are you delighted to see?

The game is not armed at you nigger
I said it’s time to stop playin’ with these slow bitches like ..
Tell them ..
Popping on .. about how had pushed the button
Who won it? I may be cool
But the niggers over there aren’t
Don’t be a fool and get your little ..
… who cares?
Happy .. hall of fame ..
I may be laughing at you all niggers
But who’s playing?
.. you got me fucked up
They hate it on me now they’re given me back ..
.. you know where to catch me
Shit is about to get messy

You got to pay for this game
Not even a freestyle is free
Welcome to the green house
That is valuable information
For those of us how have the responsibility to protect the American people

It happens in the Green house