Smilin Liar - Triple Sick lyrics

You know we got some things that we need to talk about.
How every time you pass me you got to put me down.
One day I'll be as big as you and you wont be talking so loud.
Yeah when I get through with you you wont make a sound
I'll make you scream, make you scream make you say
"Oh my god whos this man? Has he changed?
Someone tell me whats the word?"

Bring it on.

I took your abuse. Your pretty abuse. But it kept on going.
I thought that I'd warn you. Thought I'd ignore you but it kept on going.

Bring it on.

Pain. You don't know pain.
I'll show you pain.
Take it better like it.
Feel. You don't f**king feel.
I'll make you feel.
Hope that you feel my pain.