SlowMotionNoise - Gotta Be (Anywhere You Are) lyrics

Another town, another place
Heart shapes my mind, with no name and face
I've been lost here all the time

A city bound, but I can't erase
The things I've done and you still remain
Help me put this life behind

Keep me alive
So I can remember
Keep me strong
So I can recover

Keep me alive
So I can remember
Keep me strong
So I can recover

No longer will I
Let this sorrow get the best of me
It;s not what you would want

When I close my eyes
I can't help but think of memories
That you shared with me

The tears streaming from my eyes
Building bridge to the skies
Connecting me to you forever

They keep saying you're gone
But you're still here with me
Your voice, your laugh, your smile
I know it will never leave

I see you everywhere
You are a part of me
And anywhere you are
Is somewhere that I gotta be

For every heart you've touched
You left a memory
You saw the good in all
And that is what I strive to see

They keep saying you're gone
I can't believe it's real
A single year has passed
Is this how I'm supposed to feel?

Every move I make
I know you're watching me up there
I feel your stare

I close my eyes at night
And dream about the times we shared
You really cared

I won't say goodbye
I know that I'll see you again
Soon my friend

Tears still fill my eyes
I know you want me to stay strong
And just move on...and just move on

When hope starts to fade
And when I feel alone
Take me anywhere that's anywhere, where you are

Because of you I'm who I am
Because of you I'm strong