Slim Thug - Slim Thugga Pimpin' (2010)

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Slim Thug - Slim Thugga Pimpin' lyrics

From the Great Wall of China
To the beautiful shores of Spain
Every pimp and whore know me
By my natural name
... dick
And this is only for the...
Slim thug mother fucker

I'm world wide
I got bitches way up in Japan
They can tell you how... dick stand
Everywhere I land is pussy on stand by
They say when they see me
It's hard to keep their panties drop
I'm so fly they are so hot
I can piss on a...
Got your bitch in my crib
Sucking my...
... rap shit my habit
I got a bitch in my room
And another one waiting in the lobby
Pimpin no zipping the game won't change me
... they change only bitches is the same
... it's my duty to make them...
... pay out for these whores sellin their pussy...

I got my... zone
Bitches blowing up my phone
A travel... like I want
Cause I'm pimpin
They know my name all across the globe
My... overflow
You see me with a...
Cause I'm pimpin

Niggers tricking...
Whores getting profit...
I make the bitch pay me
Never ever play me
... is she try lay me

... nigger coming at your pocket
... my bitches... their ass is the...
The way they work that pussy... it's like magic


These whores... they wanna be on my team
... get her home
Put a shotgun in my bone...
I need to take you... forget the ass
... they got the guts to say...
They don't mean a shit to me...
You need to wake up cause you are all blind