Slim Thug - New Shit (2011)

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Slim Thug - New Shit lyrics

I pull up the real ..In the new bill
Got my own bitch and my new bitch
You are .. I’m on my new shit
I just ain’t ... New shit
Roll up like the roll thing
Roll up again poppin up the thing
Roll up like the roll thing
Roll up again and poppin up the thing

I’m in my new will, new will, with my new bitch
Just bought the tags out this .. I’m on this new shit
Haters scared on me but they aint’ gonna do a shit
You can’t have from these choppers that thye gon’ do shit
Getting over but i’m still getting new money
You be raced on got my neck looking sunny
Snows gone on my own bighting shooting lightning
But the ménage with two bros is so exciting
I live a ..Life party hard never sleep
I’m with my hoghes party seven ..
Poppin bands spend the grand’s like it aint’ nothing
You can’t afford to do it then you ain’t hustler