Slim Thug - Miss Mary lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus]
, I love ya Miss Mary
, I love ya Miss Mary
, I love ya Miss Mary
, This ain't a love...
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Slim Thug - Miss Mary (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: I love ya Miss Mary
ZH: 我很爱你玛丽小姐

EN: I love ya Miss Mary
ZH: 我很爱你玛丽小姐

EN: I love ya Miss Mary
ZH: 我很爱你玛丽小姐

EN: This ain't a love song
ZH: 这不是一首爱情歌曲

EN: This a thug song
ZH: 这一暴徒首歌

EN: [Verse - 1]
ZH: [诗歌-1]

EN: I'm so in love with you Miss Mary (Miss Mary!)
ZH: 我是如此爱你玛丽小姐 (小姐玛丽!)

EN: I can't picture my life without you cause it gets scary (Gets scary!)
ZH: 我不能想象我的生活没有你导致它获取吓人 (获取吓人!)

EN: When I'm down I need you around in a hurry (In a hurry!)
ZH: 我下来的时候需要你在身边匆匆 (在急!)

EN: And calm me down from my hard times and my worries (Miss Mary!)
ZH: 让我冷静下来,从我硬的时候和我的忧虑 (小姐玛丽!)

EN: I'll hold you close to me late at night
ZH: 我会拥抱你在深夜我身边

EN: Face to face we meet and greet and everythangs iight
ZH: 面对我们会见和问候的脸和 everythangs 光明

EN: Ya nothing less then a dime when you in my sight
ZH: 震遐什么少然后一分钱的时候你在我的视线

EN: And through the dark days you know how to bring the light
ZH: 黑暗的日子里,你知道如何带来光明

EN: I remember the first time I kissed ya
ZH: 我记得第一次我吻了你

EN: My first experience with love is when I finally hit ya
ZH: 我第一次亲身经历的爱是我最后打震遐时

EN: And I'm a thug but fuck it I ain't gon lie I miss ya
ZH: 我是个暴徒但操它我没有骗我想念你

EN: I wanna spend everyday of the rest of my life with ya
ZH: 我想要度过我的余生与你的每一天

EN: We break up to make up but we can't stay apart (No!)
ZH: 我们分手来弥补,但我们不能待分开 (No!)

EN: It feel like forever when we spend a day apart (Fa show!)
ZH: 它感觉永远当我们花一天的分开 (Fa 显示!)

EN: So begging you to come back as I play my part (Oh!)
ZH: 所以求你来回来扮演我的部分 (Oh!)

EN: It's a shame how you just had your way with my heart
ZH: 真的遗憾,如何你只是在寻找这样的我的心

EN: I love ya Miss Mary
ZH: 我很爱你玛丽小姐

EN: [Chorus 2x]
ZH: [合唱 2 x]

EN: [Verse - 2]
ZH: [诗歌-2]

EN: And when we out in crowds, I still hold you like im proud
ZH: 当我们出去在人群,我仍抱你像 im 自豪

EN: You make me feel like I'm in heavin walking on clouds
ZH: 你让我感觉我像在 heavin 上云走

EN: You stay fresh new tags I keep you with new bags
ZH: 你留下来跟你新袋新鲜新标签

EN: You make a nigga feel good I can't help but brag
ZH: 你让一个黑鬼感觉的良好我帮不了,但吹嘘

EN: And I know my so called friends trinna hit you whyle im gone
ZH: 我知道我所谓的朋友 trinna 打你走了 whyle im

EN: Play with you whyle Im gone, split you whyle Im gone
ZH: 玩 whyle Im 走了拆分你 whyle 我走了

EN: But you always stay faithfull cause this is ya home
ZH: 但是你总是留、 正直事业这是你的家

EN: And you know your man, I never treat you wrong
ZH: 你知道你的男人,从来没有对待你错了

EN: And my moms gets pissed off when I bring you around
ZH: 当我带你去见我妈获取生气。

EN: She always hit us with, " Ya'll get up out my house right now! "
ZH: 她总是用反击,"你就会马上起床出我的房子!"

EN: If she only knew how I was shacked up back when I was a kid
ZH: 如果她只知道如何我过夜后,小的时候

EN: And how late nights I was sneaky went in and out of the crib
ZH: 以及如何我是鬼祟的晚睡去出婴儿床

EN: To my nose your scent is just as sweet as a rose
ZH: 向我的鼻子你的气味是只是像一朵玫瑰一样可爱

EN: I wasn't impressed by them others so you the one I chose
ZH: 我不他们所打动别人所以我选择了你就是

EN: To roll with, settle down and go with
ZH: 卷,安顿下来,并和一起去

EN: I love you Miss Mary and I show it and make sure she knows it
ZH: 我爱你小姐玛丽和我显示它,一定要让她知道它

EN: [Chorus 2x]
ZH: [合唱 2 x]

EN: [Verse - 3]
ZH: [诗歌-3]

EN: You take away all my bad times
ZH: 你拿走了我所有的坏时代

EN: Put a smile on my face through my sad times
ZH: 通过我悲伤的时候让我脸上的笑容

EN: Been down with me way before I had shine
ZH: 方式之前擦下来一直和我一起

EN: I feel like I owe you half the cash from my rhymes
ZH: 我感觉欠你一半的现金从我押韵

EN: (I wasn't gonna talk about this here man but uhhh)
ZH: (我不会谈论这位男子,但诸位)

EN: I used to abuse ya and try to missuse ya
ZH: 我用来虐待震遐,并尝试 missuse 震遐

EN: We exchanged a bunch of blows back when I was a loser
ZH: 我们交换了一堆吹回来的时候我是个失败者

EN: You used to trip when I sang won't no more seeds
ZH: 你习惯旅行时我唱不会没有更多的种子

EN: I had enough stress on my life please believe
ZH: 我有压力已经够我的生命请相信

EN: I lost alot of paper when I moved you to Philly
ZH: 我失去了很多纸时移居你费城

EN: Broke you off a bunch of green you had me trippin' but still we
ZH: 打破了的绿你让我真诚但仍然是我们一大帮你

EN: Maintained to stick together through the ups and downs
ZH: 维护团结在一起通过跌宕起伏

EN: And when I ain't have nobody else, you was around
ZH: 当我不是有没有其他人,你是周围

EN: It all worked out in the end you payed me back times ten
ZH: 一切都会过去,最后你拜年我回 10 倍

EN: When I was broke on my ass you gave me cash to spend
ZH: 时候打破了我的屁股上你给我钱花

EN: And hit that highway with the pack of gin
ZH: 打那高速公路与杜松子酒包

EN: And put me on my feet with the stacks of benze (Miss Mary)
ZH: 我穿上我的脚用的 benze 一大堆(玛丽小姐)

EN: I want you in my life 'till death do us part (Miss Mary)
ZH: 我想让你在我的生命中直到死亡把我们一部分 (小姐玛丽)

EN: Cause you've been down with a nigga from the start (Miss Mary)
ZH: 你从一开始 (小姐玛丽) 黑鬼跟了下来的原因

EN: You'r the only thing that can claim my heart
ZH: 你还可以声称我的心的唯一

EN: Miss Mary Jane you deserve more fame for your art
ZH: 玛丽简小姐你为你的艺术值得更多名人堂

EN: [Chorus 2x]
ZH: [合唱 2 x]