Slim Thug - Houston (feat. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Verse 1 – Slim Thug]
, Texas tatted on my arm, got Houston on my back
, ‘Cause I love the city...
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Slim Thug - Houston (feat. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Verse 1 – Slim Thug]
ZH: [诗歌 1 — — 亭亭玉立的恶棍]

EN: Texas tatted on my arm, got Houston on my back
ZH: 德州纹在了我的胳膊,在我背上了休斯顿

EN: ‘Cause I love the city I’m from, hands up if you feel that
ZH: 因为我爱我来自城市,双手向上如果你感觉到

EN: I ball hard like a Texan, every Sunday catch me wreckin’
ZH: 我硬球像得克萨斯人,每个星期天抓到我把

EN: ?, code name Boss because you can’t catch him
ZH: ?,代码名称老板因为你抓不到他

EN: And they catch them bops like Dre do
ZH: 他们抓住他们像 Dre 做国际

EN: Ball hard like I play too, run that back like Jay do
ZH: 硬打太,球跑回像周杰伦做

EN: Bet a couple ? and we play you
ZH: 打赌几个?和我们玩你

EN: We came to win, can’t take a loss
ZH: 我们要赢来了,不能把损失

EN: Ain’t shit ‘bout that H South,
ZH: 狗屁不是 ' bout 那 H 南

EN: Team strong we’ll break ‘em off, lay ‘em down then rake ‘em out
ZH: 强大的团队我们会打破他们,他们放下然后耙他们

EN: Car roof like ?, when the sun’s out I drop the top
ZH: 像车顶?,当太阳出来,我放顶时

EN: H-Town we shinin’ red white and blue in that lot
ZH: H 镇我们那很多闪耀红、 白、 蓝

EN: See you boys in the playoffs, bet you this year we on top
ZH: 看到你的孩子在季后赛中,跟你赌这一年我们在上面

EN: And if you from that H like me, you already know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout
ZH: 如果你从那像我这样的 H,你已经知道我说的是

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: I’m from Houston, Texas home of the Texans [x3]
ZH: 我是从得克萨斯州休斯敦市首页的德克萨斯人 [x 3]

EN: Texas Tatted on my arm, Houston on my back
ZH: 德州纹在了我的胳膊,在我背上休斯敦

EN: I’m from Houston, Texas home of the Texans [x3]
ZH: 我是从得克萨斯州休斯敦市首页的德克萨斯人 [x 3]

EN: Texas Tatted on my arm, Houston on my back
ZH: 德州纹在了我的胳膊,在我背上休斯敦

EN: [Verse 2 – Paul Wall]
ZH: [诗歌 2 — — 保罗墙]

EN: I’m from that HOU TEX, non-believers get put to the death
ZH: 我是从那侯 TEX,非信徒拿到死亡

EN: Then hard times, we get put to the test, but dedication turn the last to the best
ZH: 然后艰难的时刻,我们拿到测试中,但奉献转到最好的最后一次

EN: Stop complainin’ just a little bit less and start to quest on the road to success
ZH: 停止 complainin' 只是有点少,开始以追求上成功之路

EN: We got now and we got next, say it loud with some bass in your chest
ZH: 现在我们有和我们有下一步,说它大声的用一些低音在你的胸口

EN: Haters hate but now they on jock like Joseph and Queen the corners on lock
ZH: 讨厌讨厌,但现在他们对运动员喜欢约瑟夫和皇后锁在角落

EN: I come through the line like Brian Kush and then I can’t be blocked like JJ Watt
ZH: 我通过像布莱恩兴都库什然后一行来不能像 JJ 瓦特被阻止

EN: Now we on top, no more middle, like Super Mario I’m a hard hitter
ZH: 现在我们在上面,没有更多中间,像超级马里奥我是个硬击球

EN: Can’t be stopped, don’t be bitter, never give up ‘cause I’m a go getter
ZH: 不能停止,不是苦涩的永远不要放弃,因为我去的 getter

EN: In the groupie and I wade through you, she like Torro and the whole crew
ZH: 在歌迷中我通读一遍你、 她象 Torro 和全体船员

EN: In battle red or liberty white out, I might come out in the deep still blue
ZH: 在战斗红色或白色出的自由,我可能会出来还是蓝的深

EN: I thought boys knew, don’t be surprised, tell them boys about Texas pride
ZH: 男孩以为,别惊讶,告诉他们男孩约德州骄傲

EN: We ride for each other when we on the otherside and if you aint ?
ZH: 我们为每个其他当骑上隔绝我们如果你不是吗?

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 3 – Chamillionaire]
ZH: [诗歌 3 — — 好找]

EN: Hold up
ZH: 举起

EN: If you ain’t from Texas, you didn’t get the message
ZH: 如果你不是来自德克萨斯州,你没收到消息

EN: Let me give you boys a quick lesson then
ZH: 让我再给你男孩快速的一课

EN: I swore to God to be fresh to death, I didn’t die so time to get fresh again
ZH: 我向上帝发誓要新鲜死了,我没死所以时间重新获得新鲜

EN: You know the H what I’m reppin’ and it’s like 35% Mexican
ZH: 你知道在 H 我是 reppin' 就像 35%墨西哥

EN: And that’s so ironic (why?)
ZH: 这就是这么讽刺 (为什么?)

EN: Every cup is like 35% beverage and 65% medicine
ZH: 每一杯就像 35%饮料和 65%医学

EN: Plenty ? for thick specimens
ZH: 很多吗?为厚标本

EN: A million fine and bad yela’s and that’s like 22% lesbian
ZH: 100 万好和坏业,就像在 22%女同性恋

EN: And in my zone what you steppin’ in, then I bet my fist is gone check a chin
ZH: 在我区什么你打乱了,然后我打赌我的拳头是不见的检查下巴

EN: ‘Cause that trill in Bun, and that trill is Pimp, and that trill is somethin’ y’all never been
ZH: 因为那颤音的发髻和那颤音是皮条客,和那颤音是东西你们从来没有

EN: Hit your woman and let her in to my vehicle that I never tint
ZH: 打你的女人,让她给我我从不淡色的车辆

EN: That brain got to be official baby, no artificial intelligence
ZH: 脑得是官方的宝贝,没有人工智慧

EN: I’m runnin in it like Andre, if y’all ain’t from Houston I ain’t convinced
ZH: 今生我我只在它像安德烈,如果你们还没从休斯顿我不相信

EN: ‘Cause y’all touch down in our city once and been rappin’ like you are ever since
ZH: 因为你们一次降落在我们的城市和已说唱像你过自

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]