Slim Cessna's Auto Club - That Fierce Cow Is Common Sense In A Country Dress lyrics

No it's not like that, it's not like that

I am six foot four and weigh two-twenty on the scale,
I've got a red-header's temper, people say I come from hell,
The art of slothfulness I have perfected to a T,
I made money come from everything, some might name it greed.

So I have this little plan to take what I require,
I will laden myself up and make the men desire,
It will smell like mildew love as we battle and we bleed,
If they get too fresh before their pad I'll make them scream:

That's a fierce cow/Oh my god

All advice is recommended, the pain upon my skin,
I'll let them look, not touch, oh I ain't that kind of man,
Oh the contest in the square of our anywhere US town,
Saying on your mark gentlemen, now who will bring my crown?

We will bring our candy chocolate bears, doodads and par-feurs,
They are all unskilled in handsomeness for the dowries I deserve,
I'm a man of moral good, I got a debutante's need,
I only take what they offer, from their knees they scream:

That's a fierce cow/Oh my god

No it's not like that, it's not like that.

You know what you do to me, bring me low.

Now I find myself in the square, slowly being told to go lower,
And like a European music prodigy, she's waving her directing arm,
Telling the whole lot of us to get lower on the ground.
I see surrounding me who's gone so low are men and women alike.

Then a hiccup comes up my throat and clouds over my eyes,
It starts some fresh feeling inside of me that something has gone askew,
"Oh no, I spy this one here is beginning to think for himself"
And from this angle, I see that she is a very muscle-girded female,
"I must stop this stubbornness,"
Fairly masculine arms,
"I will unleash my charm"
Farm boy's hips, them's good for breedin'.

He got down with all the others, but this one's special.
He can do both - breathe and think. And before I lose my grip,
I will make him get on up as I lash out at him,
And I say, lash out with a fierce wink.

What was I thinking? I see my love truly now.
She's common sense in a country dress,
And all this thinking's making me digress,
She's just asking us to...

Get a little higher/Oh my god


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