Sliimy - Everytime lyrics

Welcome to this fucking city, I hope you had a good trip
They can say, they can play but it's so hard to
To make me fail make me fall lower than you
I'm gonna stay, I'm gonna stay that's gonna kill you...
Everyday it's always the same situation
Now I try to do some yoga to be less nervous but what a waster
Everytime you looked at me
You thought that you were the only one
But no you must go or let me go

You know here they are all the same and it's so hard to, to be special
But what is special can you give me one truth
They are like sheep narrow minded and it's so funny to see you running
Everyday I find myself in awkward situations
A lot of cowards here are looking in the same direction, have an ejaculation!

Gosh, cause'...