Slick Rick - Hey Young World lyrics

(Hey young world)
The world is yours
(Hey young world)
The world is yours
(Young world, young world)
The world is yours
Young wo-o-o-o-rld

(This right here) it may cause concern
It's (for all of these) why don't you listen and learn?
(Love, peace, happiness) that once was strong
(But you teach society) even that's turned wrong
(Times have changed) hey, it's cool to look bummy
And be a dumb dummy and disrespect your mummy
(Have you forgotten) who put you on this earth?
(And...???...) and who loved ya since your birth
Reward is a brainwash kid goin wild
Young little girls already have a child
(Bad company) and now ya been framed
(The parents are hurtin') hurtin' and ashamed
(You're ruining yourself) and your mommy can't cope
Hey little kids don't follow these dopes
(As a rule from a non-fool) your life don't drool
Don't be a fool like those that don't go to school
(Get ahead) and accomplish things
You'll see the wonder and the joy life brings
(Don't admire thieves) hey, they don't admire you
Their times limited hard rocks too
So listen be strong, scream 'whoopee doo'
Go for yours cause dreams come true
(And you'll make your mommy) so proud of you
(And this is a message) that the ruler Rick threw and it's true

you kno what.. we likes ta party
hey young world the world is yours

(Hey Mr. Bigshot) hey don't ya look fly?
(You don't have a ...??... ) oh my my my
You been fightin' again and you forgot why
hey kid walk straight master your high
(Whyyyy?) Because you make your family cry
And all jokes aside are you in good health?
(Hey little boy) now have you really checked yourself
You're a disgust you know someone I can't trust
(You'd steal mom's welfare) and you'd run and buy some dust
(And plus I must say) big shot your not
Your friends are talking and I'm hearing that your girl's a what?
You didn't know? Go steal and rob
(And while your at it) go get a suit for a job
You see, you're actin' like this urge is demanding
(Come on, wake up) have some understanding
Society's a weak excuse for a man
(It's time for a plan) time to take the stand
Believe it or not the lord still shines on you
And he (guides you) and he watched you as you grew
Plus (past the age) of a little child, that's true
But folks your age don't act like you do
(So be mature) and put the boy to a home
(And if your over 18) I wish you'd act like an adult
(Don't live in a world) of hate hate hate
(Pull yourself together) and get yourself straight
(Men don't steal) hey most don't borrow
(And if you smoke crack) your kids will smoke crack tomorrow
(So be more mature) and kids do your chores
(Make your own money) hey be proud thats yours
(You know why? Cuz thats a man) that's brains no spite
(Stayin' outta trouble) when it comes in sight
(And a man never misses a fight) in god's sight
Cuz righteous laws are overdue
And this is a message that the ruler rick threw and it's true

you know what you know what
we likes ta party we likes ta party
hey young world the world is yours
hey young world
(mumbling in the background)